Women’s and (over 40) Men’s Open Nights

Come play soccer with us Tuesday nights 5:30 – 7:00 at Indoor Action Sports off Rt 91 in Greenfield, Mass. We start Tuesday night Nov 13th and run through the winter. We are a group of incredibly supportive women and men who love to play soccer together. The range of skills is wide and varied. You’ll fit right in where ever you’re at. If you’re new to playing we’ll teach you and if you’re badly out of shape, you won’t be alone!

If interested, please email jackenstein@gmail.com or matt@indooraction.com, 413-949-1199.

We need a core group of about 15 committed women (all ranges welcome) and men (over 40) so grab a spot now and get in better shape with us out on the turf. It’s great exercise and great fun through the winter months. We’d love to have you out there teaching others to play or learning how to play. We’re a gentle, no contact, competitive kind of crowd who really enjoy our time together. Sounds scary but intriguing? What ever your level of fitness or competition, you’ll belong brilliantly out there with us. Get off the couch and onto the turf! Come on, we’re waiting for you and we’re excited about you joining our ranks. So come play with us Tuesday nights in Greenfield.

If you know someone who might love to join us, forward this to them please!

The cost to participate is $10 per player and for more information or questions please contact Matt Schiffer, matt@indooraction.com.