Indoor Action Sports – Youth Soccer Clinics

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IAS Soccer provides clinics throughout the year to help develop player’s skills and understanding of the game, while also fostering their enjoyment of the game.

Our coaches are qualified and have experience with all age groups.

We offer weekly clinics throughout the Fall, Winter and Spring months. These clinics are open to players of all abilities between the ages of 3 – 12. Our vacation and summer clinics are for players 7-12 years old, which are offered during school vacations.

Middle School and High School clinics will be offered periodically throughout the year.

Futsal programs are an addition to IAS Soccer.

Clinic Groups
3-5 year olds
6-12 year olds (divided into appropriate groups)

All age groups have an age-appropriate curriculum.

The 3-5 year old group offers a fun introduction to the game. Sessions are based on fun soccer-specific activities that introduce and improve fundamental skills and teach basic tactics.

The 6-12 year old group is split into appropriate groups based on age. Sessions will be progressive and include both technical and tactical elements of the game. The structure of each session will either be Warmup-Activity-SSG or Play-Practice-Play.

– Ball Mastery Warmup Activities
– Technical Patterns
– Rondos
– Small Sided Games
– Conditioned Games

Technical (skills) and tactical (understanding) training help improve players both individually and as a team player. All training sessions will focus on technical aspects to improve individual ability and increase confidence, while also applying tactics during small-sided games to help develop an understanding in game-like situations.

Goalkeeper Clinics
IAS GK clinics are offered along with our Tuesday night clinics throughout the winter months, in addition to other dates throughout the year. Skills and concepts that are focused on in our GK clinics are footwork, angles, positioning, distribution, diving, shot-stopping, etc…

GK clinics are available for players ages 7-14 years old.