Softball League Schedule

March 9th (Make Up Games)

5:45pm  -I'd Hit That vs Savages
6:45pm - Northampton VW vs Savages
7:45pm - Northampton VW vs Bache Plumbing
8:45pm -  ODBB vs Sons of Pitches


March 16th

5:45pm  Seed #6 vs Seed #3
6:45pm - Seed #8 (Honey Badgers) vs Seed #1
7:45pm - Seed #7 vs Seed #2
8:45pm- Seed #5 vs Seed #4


March 24th
6:00pm - Middle Seed vs Middle Seed
7:15pm - Lowest Seed vs Highest Seed
8:30pm - Winner vs Winner

Our Partners

Catmount Lacrosse
Element Athlectics Field Hockey