History of IAS

Having coached lacrosse from 1972 – 1990, Jeff Coulson started Franklin County Lacrosse in Greenfield, MA because no high schools in the county offered it. Franklin County Lacrosse ran from 1990 to 2009, offering lacrosse to any youth and high school boy or girl during that time. In 1995, Jeff bought a large metal building in Greenfield, MA to provide winter opportunities for Franklin County athletes under the name Indoor Action Sports. Now called the annex, this building houses the IAS offices and basketball court. At the time of its inception, all sports in the annex (soccer, lacrosse, field hockey & basketball) were played on a completely enclosed court. Lexan covered the windows and viewing areas, and the ball was played off every surface.

In 1999, IAS raised a 44,000 square foot dome with Field Turf indoor playing fields. The fields are lined, not boarded. At the same time, two outdoor courts were put in for summer league basketball. Two years later, the Team IAS club lacrosse program was begun under the name IAS Select. The success of this program lead to the addition of club programs for both field hockey and basketball.

Hosting multiple programs on a daily basis IAS is now the premier indoor sports facility in Western Massachusetts. Currently, the annex building is now used for tennis, indoor field hockey, volleyball, and basketball. The dome is used for field hockey, lacrosse, soccer, flag football, golf, ultimate, softball, baseball, ultimate and any other sport that requires field space.

In the Fall of 2015, IAS raised a new structure over our existing Field Turf. With a new state of art structure and new lighting, the dome is newer and brighter than ever.


Our Partners

Catmount Lacrosse
Element Athlectics Field Hockey