FIFA rules apply unless modified below
FIFA Laws of the Game

All referee’s calls are final. No arguing with the referee.
This applies to players, coaches and parents.

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** New rule for U8 & U10 **
– On goal kicks, players on the defending team must be at half field. Once the ball enters play, members of the defending team may cross half field.


6 v 6 High School, Coed & Men’s Leagues
7 v 7 Youth Leagues


Each half will be 25 minutes (running time) long with a 3 to 5 minute halftime, no time-outs
Tournament times will be set in the tournament rules

U12 and under – Size 4
U14 and over – Size 5

Head Balls
U8, U10 & U12 cannot head the ball

Shin Guards
All Youth & High School players must wear shin guards.
Highly recommended for all Adult leagues

Start of Game
Kick-off is indirect and can be played backwards

NO Off-Sides

On the Fly Substitutions
Player must be 7 feet from their team’s bench area, before sub steps on.

NO Sliding
Keeper can slide, in Goal Box only, in an effort to make a save.
Any player, intentionally or unintentionally, playing the ball with a knee on the turf will draw a whistle from the official.
Any and all attempts to slide tackle a player will result in a Card
Last-Man Tackle will result in a Penalty Kick (Direct).

All Kicks & Restarts are Indirect
This refers to fouls, corner kicks and kick-ins, not Penalty Kicks.
Five yards, not ten, is the distance away that the defense must attempt to allow, if the kicking team asks for “5” the official will count out the five yards, play will re-start with a whistle.

Half Field Line
Once the Goal Keeper handles the ball with hands, the ball cannot be thrown, punted, kicked or dribbled over the line in the air.
A Goal Kick may not travel over line in the air.
For all of the above—-Ball must touch a field player or the turf before crossing the line.

Sideline Kick-ins & Corner Kicks
Throw-ins are not used.
In-Direct Kicks are awarded at the spot the ball crossed over the sideline. A request can be made, to the official, by the Kicker if she/he feels the Defender is too close.

8 Goal Mercy Rule
If a team is up by 8 or more goals, they must start on their own half on opponent’s goal kicks.  Cannot play ball until it crosses half field

Yellow Card
2 minutes off field for that player, team plays short
Player can return after 2 minutes, not before.
If a goal is scored the team then plays at full-strength.
Second Yellow Card in the same game, results in a Soft-Red.

Soft Red Card
Player is disqualified for the game and team plays short (man-down) for 2 minutes.

Red Card
Disqualified for the remainder of the game.
Team plays short (man-down) for 2 minutes.
Player must meet with Soccer Director before playing next game.
Second Red Card in a Calendar Year equals a 1 Year ban from Facility.
Any Team with a total of two Red Cards in a Tournament will not qualify for the play-offs.

No Jewelry of any kind can be worn when playing.  Jewelry cannot be taped.

Banned indefinitely from ALL IAS Events, Leagues and Tournaments.